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2010 Contestants


Andre Paradise

Andre Paradise - Portland, OR


Avery Smith

Avery Smith - Washington, DC


B. Little

B. Little - Chicago, IL


BT Kingsley

BT Kingsley - Sacramento, CA - FINALIST


Chelle T

Chelle "T" - Bay Point, CA



Chinedu - Los Angeles, CA


Chocolate Storm

Chocolate Storm - Long Beach, CA


DC Ervin

DC Ervin - Vallejo, CA


Dezz White

Dezz White - Houston, TX



DOBOY - Sacramento, CA


D. Tyler

D. Tyler - Sacramento, CA


E. Clark

E. Clark - Sacramento, CA


Eddie B

Eddie B - Houston, TX


Eric Frost

Eric Frost - Baltimore, MD


G. King

G. King - Vallejo, CA


Henry Coleman

Henry Coleman - Memphis, TN - FINALIST


Insane Wayne

Insane Wayne - Stockton, CA


J. Alexander

J. Alexander - Detroit, MI


James Davis

James Davis - Los Angeles, CA


Jawan Charley

Jawan Charley - Charlotte, NC


Josh Harris

Josh Harris - Atlanta, GA



Kanisha Buss - Seattle, WA


Kendall Ferguson

Kendall Ferguson - Chicago, IL


Kenny Johnson

Kenny Johnson - Los Angeles, CA


Key Lewis

Key Lewis - Sacramento, CA - FINALIST


Kimmie Kay

Kimmie Kay - Sacramento, CA


Kirk McHenry

Kirk McHenry - Oakland, CA - FINALIST


Larry Mitchell

Larry Mitchell - Los Angeles, CA


L.G. Brown

L.G. Brown - San Diego, CA


Lil Brough

Lil Brough - Houston, TX


Marc Howard

Marc Howard - Washington, DC - FINALIST

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BABCCF 2010 Final Round - Saturday April 17 @ Paramount

Hosted by Don "DC" Curry

Don "DC" Curry


BABCCF 2010 Opening Weekend Hosted by Evan Lionel

Evan Lionel




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